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Goodbye Generic Vitamins,

Hello Pure Nutrition with Purpose!

Goodbye Generic Vitamins,

Hello Pure Nutrition with Purpose.


100% Additive free.

To eliminate the need for additives, every step of our process is done by hand!


Blended for results.

Effective ingredients — results you will feel.


Good for you, good for all.

Our hand crafting process creates jobs as we grow!

Can your supplements pass the water test?

When a capsule of a water soluble supplement such as our Vitamin C is emptied into a glass of water, you will see no trace of anything left behind.

We are additive free!

We believe in crafting the purest supplements possible. This means active ingredients only – period.  Of course we could make truckloads of supplements using massive equipment. However, that would require additives.  

You don’t want useless or detrimental ingredients in your supplements do you?

The additives are for the machines. Our pure hand-crafted supplements are for you!


What are additives anyway?


Additives are for ease of processing only, they are of no benefit to human health. The additives are included for one main purpose:  to prevent fine powders from absorbing moisture and clumping while being processed in massive manufacturing equipment.

No equipment = no need for additives.

We believe in pure, clean nutrition. If it doesn’t need to be in there then it shouldn’t go in there.

If you look closely at the ingredient list on a food product or a supplement bottle, you may have wondered what those strange ingredients are at the bottom of the label.

Packed by hand. Every capsule. Every time.

1. Blended By Hand

2. Encapsulated By Hand

3. Bottled By Hand

What our customers are saying!

Hard Working UTI Relief

“I am a quadriplegic, and have been managing a neurogenic bladder for over 29 years. I have had too many UTIs over the years, and taken way too many antibiotics. Over time the antibiotics have become less effective, plus they have unwanted side effects. ProFlow is the only OTC product I have found that helps to prevent and manage infections. I take ProFlow on a daily basis for prevention. I also use it to manage potential infections. At the first sign of a bladder infection I will take 3 or 4 doses a day with plenty of water until things start to clear up. If you have frequent UTIs, I recommend trying ProFlow.”

Lee Hardin – President, SCI Outreach Network





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