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Passionate People.

Pure Nutrition.


Passionate People.

Pure Nutrition.


Our mission

Good health and preserving the planet is at the center of everything we do. We craft every capsule by hand. Blending, encapsulating, bottling and shipping, every step of our process is done by hand. The result: pure, fresh nutritional supplements, the highest standards of quality control and sustainability. We like to think of it as a win, win!

Where have all of the nutrients gone?

Our passion

Today you would have to eat 53 peaches to get the same amount of Vitamin A as 2 peaches from 1951! Today we have an abundance of beautiful produce and a deficit of nutrients. How could this be? Is the soil really that depleted? Why yes, yes it is. The soil has been depleted from years of intensive farming.

Since it is nearly impossible to get all of your vitamins and minerals from todays produce, we believe it is now necessary to take nutritional supplements. How else could you get the nutrition you need? We are so passionate about what we do because we believe you deserve quality nutrition for your best health!

What makes us different?

Our supplements are hand-crafted, additive free & whole foods based.

We keep our process simple!

Like it should be!

1. Blended by hand

2. Encapsulated by hand

3. Bottled by hand

Hand-crafted to be — additive free.

Our blends are 100% active ingredients.

Where have the nutrients gone?

We have been farming the same land for years — the soil is dead.

Pretty doesn’t mean nutritious.

Most produce sold in the grocery store is very pretty, the lettuce is green, the apples are red and the oranges are orange. They look beautiful, right? But we know that an attractive appearance doesn’t mean they are nutritious! In the case of produce, an attractive appearance doesn’t mean it contains a high concentration of nutrients. 

Lettuce life support.

The overuse of farm land for decades has resulted in the nutrient depletion of the land and the death of the soil. When the soil lacks nutrients, the addition of fertilizers to the soil is a necessity – if you want to grow something that is. 

Dead soil

High quality fertile soil is packed with so many nutrients that most have yet to be discovered.

Sooo what’s in your supplements?

Can your supplements pass the water test?

Water soluble compounds like Vitamin C should completely dissolve when mixed into water, with nothing left behind.

If something is left behind in the water, it’s most likely fillers. When you take your supplements each day, do you expect them to be filled with extra ingredients such as saw dust and sand? OF COURSE NOT! Sadly nearly every supplement on the market contains these ingredients! Sand (a.k.a. silicon dioxide) and sawdust (a.k.a. cellulose) are necessary to keep the product flowing smoothly through massive manufacturing equipment, diluting and polluting the end product!

Our supplements leave no trace of fillers. Just pure clean water with a little Vitamin C!  Go ahead, empty a capsule of your favorite Vitamin C into a glass of water and stir it up! We dare you….





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