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Party Rite

Party Rite makes the night!

Party Rite


Your New Drinking Buddy.

Let’s face it, hangovers suck. Of course you don’t want to have a headache and feel run down after a night of drinking, nobody does. There are 3 symptoms are responsible for the majority of the discomfort of a hangover that Party Rite addresses.

Aids Sleep
Helps Appetite
Eases Anxiety

Party Rite is on the front lines for hangover defense!


Why hangovers get you down.


Disrupting Sleep

Your body replenishes at night, which can stimulate the brain, waking you and preventing deep sleep.

Upsets Your Stomach

Alcohol can irritate your gut lining, making it difficult to eat.



Withdrawal Anxiety

Withdrawal from alcohol can make you increase your heart rate, making you anxious and shaky.

How does Party Rite help?


Helps Support Sleep

Drink Smart minimizes the stimulation effect on your brain that happens when your body works hard to restore balance while you sleep.

Helps Restore Appetite

Alcohol can damage your gut lining, causing a decreased appetite. Drink Smart helps to minimized lost appetite so you can eat a good nourishing meal the day after drinking.



Eases Anxiety

Anxiety can ruin your day, by easing the anxiety associated with alcohol withdrawal Drink Smart helps you make the most of the day.

Your new all natural drinking buddy.

Your new all natural drinking buddy.

Party Rite pairs well with…


Hand crafted daily in small batches to ensure purity and freshness.


Hand crafted daily in small batches to ensure purity and freshness.





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