September Is National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month

The effects of a spinal cord injury (SCI) are life-altering. The goal of SCI Awareness Month is to educate the public on how prevalent this injury is. It serves to increase support and understanding for those living with SCI.

Statistics about Spinal Cord Injuries

  • Every 48 seconds, someone becomes paralyzed in the United States.
  • Approximately 17,700 people succumb to spinal cord injuries each year.
  • About 78% of spinal cord injured people are male.
  • Vehicle accidents are the leading cause of SCI, followed by falls, acts of violence (gunshot wounds), and sports-related accidents.
  • More than 50% suffering from SCI will be paralyzed from the neck down. (quadriplegia)
  • The best way to prevent injuries is by always paying attention while driving (no texting, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, etc.), 
  • Avoid diving into shallow water or the ocean.
  •  Take precautions to prevent falls.

Ubee Nutrition team members are actual survivors of spinal cord injuries!

Meet our Team of Ambassadors:

MARY TWOHEY-Partner-, Director of Client Relations,  Wellness Ambassador

I’ve had a spinal cord injury at C6/7 complete for more than 35 years. I have a compromised digestive tract, so I’m always striving to be as healthy as possible. It resonated with me when I learned Ubee Nutrition products would be vegetable caps made with only non-GMO pure ingredients and without fillers or binders.

From personal experience, finding high-quality supplements is a concern for many people with disabilities. We created the blend ProFlow after I had a terrible UTI, requiring hospitalization. Our partners at Ubee Nutrition decided we wanted to do something all-natural and proactive instead of waiting for an infection that requires antibiotics. We researched and talked with health professionals, discovering which natural products could make an excellent preventative alternative. This process led to D-mannose, cranberry juice, and vitamin C. I thought how cool if our product included those three and turmeric to help with pain and inflammation.

I’m very grateful and proud to be a part of a company that offers quality products that contribute to better health and wellness for folks with compromised systems at affordable pricing.

Lee Hardin-Wellness Ambassador

I had a snow skiing accident in 1990, resulting in a spinal cord injury at C6/7.   I became a sales representative for the Roho Company for almost 10 years. I have played Quad Rugby,  Wallyball and done many miles of Handcycling.  On one of my Handcycling adventures, a fellow hand cyclist from the UK and I decided to start a small business.  I moved to England for a couple of years to work on our business venture.

Upon return, I  helped organize a local SCI support group.  Mary Twohey, a member, introduced me to the folks at Ubee Nutrition.  I was highly impressed with the quality of the hand-crafted products and affordable pricing.  The first product that caught my attention was ProFlow.  Urinary tract infections were becoming a problem due to catheters and aging with SCI. I had IV antibiotics twice.  I take ProFlow twice daily. If I feel symptoms of a UTI, I increase my dosage along with plenty of water.  I have not taken antibiotics in years.   ProFlow has allowed me to maintain a healthy bladder.

Lana-Wellness Ambassador

 I was diagnosed with a rare spinal cord tumor at levels C2-C7.  After a 14 hour surgery with a 60% mortality rate, I adopted a “new normal.” Quadriplegia, Teteraparesis, Hemi, incomplete among the mass of titles I earned. My “new normal” became a lifetime commitment to physical therapy, occupational therapy, aqua therapy, hippotherapy, massage therapy, adaptive yoga, pilates, and wheelchairs.

I found Ubee Nutrition through a promotion for Vitamin C that featured Mary Twohey as a quadriplegic woman who was part owner. Since I live near the facility, I opted to pick it up. I wanted to meet Mary. I was very impressed with the philosophy, freshness, purity, and pricing Ubee Nutrition offered. Soon I started taking Proflow, and it’s been a year since I’ve taken antibiotics. For many years, I was taking doses almost every three months. 

Dedicated to living my best life, I take many Ubee Nutrition supplements as part of my daily routine, and I feel GREAT! I feel people living with spinal cord injuries are ROCKSTARS! We are living our lives in a world that, in a lot of ways, is designed for us to fail. Instead of looking at us with any sort of pity, look at us as the badass rockstars we are.